My 95 yr. Old Dad had a stroke 5 years ago, lost some vision and some memory, both have been slowly get worse every since, for the last few months he just keeps repeating the same word, its what he calls my Mom, Honey, ( by the way mom is still alive also)
But he sits and says honey over and over all day. Sometimes he sounds desperate, other times its like he is just saying it. He can say other words he can still carry on some what of a convo. He does have a hard time finding and using the right words alot. But unless someone is talking to him or paying attention to him, or he is sleeping, he just keeps saying same word over and over, I have asked him what he needs mom has asked him, he doesn't know, but he won't stop. It's driving my mother insane. And I hate to just keep him doped up so he will stop. Any ideas or advice welcome. And Merry Christmas everyone.

i can’t say, bit that is a documented symptom of dementia. Can’t recall the term
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I've never experienced this, so I'm just guessing.   But do you think if you put a photo of your mother in his hands, or close to his chair, that it might help?   I was thinking he might be wondering where she is if she's not in view.
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The inability to find the correct word and repeating words can be a sign of dementia. Have him evaluated for dementia at his next doctor visit.
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Doped up? He needs something to relieve his anxiety. Appropriate med and dosage will help him without doping him up. Talk to his doctor.

Meds may also be appropriate for anyone that is disturbed by this behavior. It is stressful, no question, try to learn not to allow it to bother you. Take a deep breath.
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