I have. I am meeting with my attorney later this month to finalize estate planning docs. I sent form and said add this. And you will see a lot more if these requests. If you don't have link, I can supply again to comport with your advisor to state law.

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Yes I have.
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Due to my severe asthma, I have had a living will since my early 20s with a clause refusing life prolonging treatments following any cognitive injury or decline. I was concerned about being in a comma or disabled by hypoxia even before experiencing my father's vascular dementia. I coded once just after entering the ER so I known for a long time death is only a couple of bad choices away.
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You are wise.very.
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Yep, specified what facility and what treatment not to use.

My journey with my dad taught me a l9t about what I am not willing to go through.
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