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If it is just for funeral expenses, you can meet with any funeral director to get it started. The plans are similar to insurance as they generate some annual interest. Those plans will be exempt when it becomes time for Medicaid applications.
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Why does a 75 year old need a life insurance? If he needs it to cover funeral cost there are places like Colonial Penn that has a low monthly cost according to what you purchase 10k, 20k, 50k. If a person dies in debt and has no assets, then the debt will be absorbed by the companies he owes to. Children are not responsible for parents debt. Another thing is premiums will be high because of his age. The only one who profits from a life insurance policy is a beneficiary. If he is looking for a funeral policy he needs to stipulate that so Medicaid, if ever needed, will not require it to be cashed in if there is a case value.

Please, don't allow someone to sell you more insurance than you need.
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Your best bet is to contact an insurance broker who deals with many different plans and can find you the best fit. What’s good for one of us might not be a good fit for your grandfather’s needs.
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