Ok, Need question asked again. First, let me start out the people who gave me advice last time haven't had chance to write you back yet but I want to say thank you. Thank you all so much for the advice you gave me. I appreciate it soooo much. Now gonna try to cut this short so try and really imagine what I'm saying and what I'm asking as if it was your mother. What do you think you would do if Mom had catheter and Mom is bedridden and she keeps getting back to back infections. I know catheters can cause infections, but before catheter problem anyways her bladder was never fully emptied. I remember when I use to take her to doctors they would have to measure her urine to see how much was in her bladder. This situation also causes UTI infections, so at one time Dr. had said to me out of the 2 which is the lesser evil. They both are not good so I had kept it in so I wouldn't have more problems with her climbing put the bed to go to the bathroom. She cannot walk, and no also after 14 years cannot go backwards and change diapers and when she was mad she would not let me change her. I do not have the strength to try and argue with her. Hospice is giving me a hard time saying she will get immuned to medicine so now on top of UTI she has a yeast infection. I want so badly to take it out, but like I explained to you all I can't go through that part again. I know some might think I'm wrong. Please tell me some advice. Thank you so much for what you do and you no if hospice is allowed to do IV treatments in home care? Again thank you all so much again. God blaess and have a good night.

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UTI s in the elderly create a lot of other issues. From what you have described, I would take her to an in facility hospice, they will likely remove the catheter, they will change her as needed and she will eventually pass away, perhaps in a week perhaps in a few months. If she is in hospice her likely prognosis is less than 6 months. You need to emotionally accept that she will not get better, regardless of how much you wait on her. You can spend time by her side at hospice, but let someone else do the heavy lifting. Your job is love, support and companionship. Let the CNA change the diapers.
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Hospice provides comfort care only. If you feel you can't manage this at home, arrange for Mom to be in a Hospice facility. Removing the catheter won't make any infection clear up. Get her to drink cranberry juice if you can.
It's not uncommon for infection to hasten the dying process as the immune system shuts down.
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