He provides room and board with salary. I would be taking him to appointments, keeping kitchen clean, keeping the flowers watered and grass watered, and sometimes laundry. Not sure what I should ask for concidering he is my father.

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I see that he has mobility problems, so it is possible that you are going to be bathing him and changing Depends in the near future.

Are you quoting a job, to do this? If so, you need to replace your own salary, insurance and soc. sec. somehow. You are probably at a point in your life, where you need to be building up your own retirement.

Also, take into consideration when you will get days off and vacation. Who will fill in for you if you are sick and have appointments of your own?

Feel free to ask more questions, before you take this big leap in your life.
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Well, that's kind of hard to say. But you're right to think he should pay you something. And, although he's providing room and board, which is probably worth at least $700 a month, you'll be living with him. So you're available to him 24/7.

Has he made any suggestions? I'd try really hard to accept what he offers, frankly. But I guess I'm thinking somewhere in the area of $300-$500 a month over and above room and board. It's a matter of what you're comfortable with, really. What you DON'T want to do is to feel taken advantage of. You should be happy and feel appreciated. Medicaid, as an example, considers family care-taking a gift from one family member to another. *shrug*
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