I just tried to change my mom’s doctor (due to him taking 3 weeks to change Meds or write prescriptions) and the new doctor takes Medicare not Medicaid. I didn’t understand since mom wasn’t on Medicaid and they said they would need a secondary insurance to Medicare. That for them Medicaid isn’t one they accept. News to me.
What is the best options for that? My FIL uses United Healthcare and doesn’t have a deductible, but pays $180 a month.

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My research showed that buying a supplemental insurance was cheaper than the deductible and co-pays with Medicare alone.

My dad pays about 200.00 monthly for his supplemental (which pays everything Medicare does not) and his prescription coverage. There is a 185.00 (roughly) deductible that everyone pays on Medicare, so once he has paid that annually his prescriptions are 0.00.

Contact an insurance agent that specializes in Medicare coverage for help in choosing the best option for your mom.

My dad has United Health plan G and Cigna prescription coverage, he is always telling me that people comment on how great his insurance is.

Hope you find something that works.

I would get educated on a Medicare (advantage) replacement plan ie Humana, they suck and you still have large deductibles. They don't cover anyone out of their "network". My dad had a 100k hospital bill they flat out refused. Ugh! Oh yes, you are not on Medicare when you choose one of these. Every person I know that has one complains about drs, testing, meds everything takes a long time and you have to use their providers for everything.

Let us know what you end up doing.

Best of luck.
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My Mom has a "Medicare Advantage" plan through UHC which costs her $0 premium each month and only a copay when she visits her PCP or a specialist. It is an HMO plan so she has to have a referral to see a specialist and must stay within the plan's network of doctors. She has had this plan for several years and, so far, it has worked out well. It pays far, far better and covers much more than what my Aetna plan covers! She also gets prescription drug coverage through this plan and most of her meds have $0 copay and are ordered in 3-month quantities. If I had it to do over for myself, I would go with straight Medicare with a supplement instead of the Medicare Advantage plan I chose. With Medicare and a supplemental policy (which requires an additional premium payment) you can see any doc who accepts Medicare and the supplement covers the 20% that Medicare does not. You still have to have Part D for medications and that is an additional cost. If you don't go with Medicare and a supplemental policy from the beginning, it is often difficult to switch back and sometimes penalties are assessed.
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This is a difficult question to answer because, like JoAnn says, each state is different. And, everyone’s needs are different. I am signing up for Plan F High Deductible because I only go to the doctor once a year and don’t go to specialists or have lots of tests done. There is a company called Remedigap who you can google to find the phone number. They will help you, at no cost, find a plan that fits your mom’s needs.
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Your Mom does not have a supplimental? She has been paying the 20% that Medicare doesn't pay?

I think the office was just trying to tell you what they don't except. Lots of doctors do not except Medicaid other not even Medicare. You don't have to have a secondary. Just that Mom has to pay the 20% balance. Unless, the doctor's requires a supplimental to be a patient.

You have to first find out what insurances your state allows. In my state it was only 3. Mom had AARP Medigap because she had a state perscription help. It only cost her about a 100 a month (remember no perscription coverage needed). There was a 5k deductable after a certain point. She had to share the 20% Medicare doesn't pay which was half of the 20%.

If its confusing then call your local Office of Aging and ask if they have someone who can help u choose the one for ur needs.
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