I have osteoporosis and my back and legs are the most affected. I use Advil with some success but would like to hear feedback about supplements that others have found truly helpful. Your input will be truly appreciated.

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I prefer natural substances first, although I will use Motrin for back (i.e., several hour gardening) aches or from cleaning or heavy lifting. I include snow shoveling in that category.

My first choice is an herbal salve I discovered about 10 years ago. I've used it for meniscus tears and back aches, shoulder aches, post heavy snow shoveling aches, computer neck aches and any other orthopedic issues.

Since advertising isn't allowed, I won't post any other information but if you're interested PM me and I'll provide more information on it.

I've also used an arnica lotion, but haven't found it as effective. It also was made by a larger company, not by an individual who grows most of her own herbs to use in her salves and has very high standards for ingredients she purchases as does the woman who makes and sells the herbal salve.

What I also found very helpful was PT for my back and core muscles. Continuing the exercises at home extended that benefit.

Advil and Naproxen didn't cooperate with me; I got stomach aches from the latter, and I don't remember what Advil did to me but I stopped it very quickly.

I also use herbal heating pads (the aroma and fragrance of the herbs in the heating pads) helps induce a calming effect. I've found cold packs good only for intense injuries, not ongoing orthopedic issues.
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