my mom swears she just showered eithr earlier in day or day before is incontinent and is getting rashes becomes violent towards me no matter which approach I try I am also disabled and am the only 1 here with her cant afford a facility am still waiting on state help im at my wits end .she is in a wheelchair with moderate alz I only have a tub/shower so I have to put commode over tub and basically soak the bathrm floor just to get her washed

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I don't know if this will help, but I have read that resistance to bathing is not to stay dirty. It's from fear of being cold, the echo and noise of bathing, and vulnerability. Not knowing your ability to do so, I can suggest old fashioned sponge baths, so she doesn't have to be completely naked all at once. Medicated powder is a great barrier and relief for the rashes. Dry shampoo spray to ride out the time between real shampoos. There are a lot on the market these days for ladies to use on their hair extensions, so there are plenty of choices at all prices. I guess if you have to pick your battles, maybe prioritize what part of her gets cleaned in a day simply to stay on top of the rashes and use powders & deodorant sprays, or cornstarch to control B.O.
Face/hands, pits, privates, & feet are the essentials really.

When you can get in-home assistance or move her to a facility with roll-in showers, it will be easier for both of you.
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