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While there are lots of high-tech things available, one of the best approaches I've seen is used by a reader who takes care of his wife. He has a deadbolt lock installed on the door, high up above eye level (actually higher than his wife could reach). It only works with a key. He locks it when they are inside and if he (they live in a condo) runs down to get the mail or whatever.

Of course, you could only use this if someone was with the person, because he or she couldn't get out if there were a fire.

There are light beams to aim across doorways, which send out signals when the beam is "broken." There are mats that send out an alarm if someone walks on them - just search the Internet for high-tech ideas.

The Alzheimer's Association has an ID device and registration for finding people. There are also chips that can be put into clothing and shoes, which can then be tracked like cell phones. These tracking devices are good but again, you'll need to do a quick search on the Internet. Be careful about contracts and ask for references if you try a service. I'd go through the Alzheimer's Association for help with this.

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Thank you Carol for your answer to my question above regarding safeguards to help prevent wandering.
My second question - Please also advise best steps we should take to rescue our familiy member in the event he did become lost while wandering - perhaps at a mall, in a store or at a park, or a few blocks from our house - and we are unable to locate him.

Thank you,
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