My father has Lewy Body Demential. My mother lives with him and takes care of him. My mother are at night starting at around 6 or 7pm. My mother uses a walkerand she has to undress him, put a diaper on him. He often wets himself and will go to her for help. She puts him to bed and he cant sleep and wakes her up repeatedly all night long. I am going to hire home health care but I would be interested in a typical schedule might be for the worker. My mom really needs someone from 7 to 7am. Does night time cost more? are they allowed to work 12 hour shifts? Thank you

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Kristen, my husband had Lewy Body Dementia and I remember those dreadful sleep-deprived nights! His doctor put him on a low dose of seroquel at bedtime and that enabled him to sleep through the night. Has your mother discussed the night problems with your dad's doctor? If Dad would sleep through the night, that would be helpful to both Dad and Mom.

I never had overnight help, so I can't answer that part of the question. You mother definitely needs and deserves some help, and it is good of you to be helping her get some.
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