were on medicare and cant get medicade. he's missed 8 appts and needs to go. he's bedridden

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You can check on programs in your local area with your social worker to see if there are options you can use.

Also check with visiting care services that can recommend visiting Doctors that come to the home - these are usually for hospice care though, but they do take medicare.

Being bedridden, can he safely be transferred to a wheelchair, then into a car? If he can, you could hire a Care Agency to have two Caregivers handle Dr appointments as a tag-team, and if not, you may need to check local phone book on Ambulance services in your area to see how you can request services and payment options.

Also check with your Doctor if they are affiliated with a Medical Center and if THEY can arrange Ambulance services to the Hospital where he can be attended to as a work-around, or at the very least if Doctor can authorize a Visiting Nurse to come check on him, as they can take urine, blood, etc., samples to the doctor - and most areas now have Mobile X-ray and other Scanning Services that will come to the home under Doctor's request, and be paid by Medicare.

Let us know how it goes, all the best!
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