Need some practical tips on how to prevent UTI for my mom who is using briefs.
How frequently should it be changed?
Right cleaning way?
She only uses briefs at night and during the day we use the bathroom. How do I make sure of cleanliness after urination?
..... etc

Here is a helpful and informative article on the subject:
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Thank you for your swift reply.
mama isn’t able to clean herself ... or use toilette or shower in her own.
she needs full assistance to, from and during bathroom use.
I will try goggle as you suggested - we live in Cairo, Egypt though - so not all products are available.
let me check

other advice besides the cleaning
i have read about cranberry, drinking lots of water,...
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Welcome, Marian; and speaking as a past caregiver who blundered into it with no idea of what I was letting myself in for, I am delighted for you that you have found this forum so early on in your new role. I hope you'll find it as helpful, encouraging and supportive as I did.

You'll find really good specialist advice on continence care on any of the major suppliers' websites - try Googling "continence care," and you should get a number of results to look through. Yes, of course they want to sell you products - ! - but they also want to sell you the *right* products, so they're very good at guiding you through the different factors to help you choose. As well as the absorbent pads and briefs themselves, they also carry wide ranges of skin cleansers, wipes, barrier creams and everything else; and many of them also have well-informed, well-researched, evidence-based sections on continence care as a specific discipline, so to speak.

How able is your mother to manage her own personal care needs at the moment?
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