My LO has begun to bring back old memories, and keeps insisting her mother is here (deceased), and her daughter liver here (no) it's happening more frequently than before. Where do I go for help?

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When has she seen her doctor last? The increasing frequency makes me wonder whether she may have a UTI or some other health issue (other than the obvious dementia) that is causing her agitation that could be treated, even if she does not she may benefit from some mood stabilizing medications.
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You change the topic
You redirect the conversation.
You can tell her that your daughter is at the store, gone to school, at the movies, sleeping...whatever will calm her.
Is your LO talking to her mother? If so ask what kind of conversation they are having. Does it frighten her or is the conversation calming?
There are medications that are used for anxiety and you can discuss that with the doctor at the next appointment OR send the doctor a message and they may be able to prescribe something. It may depend on the type of dementia that your LO has been diagnosed with as to the type of medication.
Having conversations with people that have died. Do not keep telling your LO that mother has died. It may be very upsetting to hear that the person has died, it may be like they are hearing it for the first time and they begin the grief cycle again.
Looking for someone that is no longer living in the house (child grown and moved away for example) are all part of dementia.
You have to learn to go with the flow....
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