Anyone experience this with their loved one and how long did it last in your case. Did death follow soon after?

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My grandmother with Alzheimer’s who mostly talked gibberish had gotten up , fallen hitting her head on a corner of furniture . ( She lived with my aunt ).

She went to the ER was totally lucid and verbal. She was told she had a subdural hematoma and would most likely not survive surgery. She decided against surgery . My aunt said she was lucid about another hour or so , then slipped into a coma shortly before dying .
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I was told my mostly non verbal mom was "talking up a storm" when I visited, that lasted about a day and a half before I got a call during the night that they couldn't get her oxygen levels up (aspiration pneumonia) and did I want to transport her to hospital? She slipped into unconsciousness and died a few days after that.
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"Terminal lucidity (also known as rallying, terminal rally, the rally, end-of-life-experience, energy surge, the surge, or pre-mortem surge) is an unexpected return of consciousness, mental clarity or memory shortly before death in individuals with severe psychiatric or neurological disorders."


From your profile:

"I am caring for my mother, who is 65 years old, living in a nursing home with age-related decline and vision problems."

Is your Mom really only 65? Or is that your age?
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You do not say in your profile that your mom has any dementia, yet you listed your post under Alzheimer's & Dementia, so I'm confused by your question.
If your mom is now lucid after not being for a while, I would just thank God, and enjoy her lucidity while it lasts.
Has she been taken off any medications that may have interfered with her lucidity, or is she recovering from a UTI, as that too can cause dementia type symptoms, and thus why her mind is more clear now.
Whatever the reason, just enjoy the fact that your mom is thinking much more clearly now, and since it's only God that knows the day and time that He'll call your mom Home, just make the most of each day with her.
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