My mom normally has her Soc. Soc & SSI payments deposited to her checking account on the same day, either the 31st or the 1st.
Her Social security came thru but not her SSI as of yet (10/8).
Has anyone ever had this happen to them??

Problem is I had already wrote the check & mailed it to the NH (mom’s personal income payment), so I called the NH today & asked them to call me ASAP & to NOT cash mom’s ck, or to void the check so I can send them a new one (that’s going to be less then she owes since her money hasn’t come thru yet)..

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You'll hear from them when that check is returned for sure.

Good for you taking a stand and action.
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Somehow, in the vast amount of intake paperwork, you must have agreed to the NH becoming the SS payee. I would not be happy if they did this without my knowledge, or tried to slip this past you somehow. You do not have to agree to that if you don’t want to. Moms still get deposited and then I write the NH a check.
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Hangingon61 Oct 10, 2018
Yes rocketjet that’s what I’ve been doing.
moms benefits are direct deposit to her checking, i get the mo that invoice from the by & write them a check.
whats bothering me is I cannot get w phone call back from them...
Ok what happened was SSI is no longer going to be issued to my mom since she’s living in the NH.

But what really pisses me off is that I’ve left over 4 messages w/the billing Dept since last Sat @ the NH explaining what happened & instructing them to NOT cash or deposit my mom’s check because not only will the check bounce, but she will have to pay the bank fees (NSF) & she doesn’t have that to spare but the bastards haven’t called me back yet so I went ahead & put a stop on the check that will cost $20, but thats better then paying $37 (NSF) fee when it bounces..
i have a feeling the NH is going to cash it anyway that’s why they’re ignoring me (I asked the bank if they would notify me when/if that does happen).
So the NH is going to be surprised that there was a stop placed on it..
But then I’m going to really blow my top @ them for disregarding my instructions to :
1). Call me back.
2). NOT put the check thru because it’s NG.
So they do it anyway???
That shouldn’t be tolerated.
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JoAnn29 Oct 11, 2018
This makes sense and the NH should have known this when u discussed payment. So should have Medicaid. Probably because both are state monies and you can't get both. You may need to contact Medicaid to tell them so they can adjust the amt they give to the NH. Then the billing office.

I made the home payee for Moms SS. The payment went directly to them. If they had problems with payment, that was their problem.
Call your local Social Security office and ask them to check on the SSI. I’ve never known them to make a mistake, but the only way you can find out is to go to the source.
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