Suggested by the apartment manager. My grandmother is 87 years old she was let go by AARP but continues to volunteer at the facility she was previously working for she goes 4 days out of the week for approximately 4-5 hours. She rides the special needs bus I pay the fare. She is pretty mobile but I perfer to stay around her as much as possible to ensure she doesn't fall or mishandle cooking appliances. She lives with my uncle who is mentally incapacited and unable to assist the way a normal person would. I am there mostly in the evening, as I work during the day. Additionally I am there some during the weekends. I assume since the personel from the apartments see me or my car there so often they have suggested I be included on the lease. This means filling out an application and additonal charges. I contribute quite a bit to my grandmothers bills and also maintain my rent and bills. I don't want to entirely move in because as a young person there are times I need my privacy. My question is are there any legal stipulations that say I must be included on the lease becaus of the amount of time I spend at my grandmothers house?

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Look at a copy of her lease. It should say there the maximum amount of nights a guest can stay before they need to be added.
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I agree with margarets. I don't see much reason for anyone else being on the lease except the manager wants you to continue to pay rent if the other people leave or die. Makes no sense to me without knowing more of the logic.
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You must check the residential tenancy laws in your area. It's *possible* (but unlikely) that if you sleep there X number of nights per month or something that you are considered a co-tenant under the law.

Just because the property manager wants you on the lease doesn't mean you have to do it. If you put your name on the lease, you will be liable for rent, damage charges, etc. I don't see how "additional charges" are legal. Sounds scammy to me. Beware.
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