Please help with suggestions for mattress issue.

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Okay. I've researched this online and made quite a few phone calls. I found one place that might help, but, they only sell in bulk and to facilities. I'm trying to find a VERY thick, durable and waterproof mattress cover that will accommodate a rather thick mattress. (Not those thin, flimsy ones.) The kind I want isn't going to go for $19.00. More like $200.00.) I would also consider purchasing a mattress that comes encased with that kind of thing, but, they all appear to be uncomfortable and more like for a jail or juvenile. (Some are advertised as for bedwetters. The comments on this type say these mattresses are thin and more for a child, not an adult. So, they are not an option) My search for a mattress and/or cover, is for my LO who is fully incontinent and in MC. I want her to have as comfortable mattress as possible, but with waterproof protection. She has one now, but, it's not comfortable enough for her, imo. I have found one company online that has bariatric mattress covers, (she is not overweight), but, they seem to only fit thin mattresses. What heavy person would be on a thin mattress? Makes no sense to me. Plus, I can't tell what is really waterproof from the photo and description. Why is this search so difficult? With the number of people needing a product like this, why is it so illusive? I know that we can't post links here so, if you have a suggestion, could you PM me with it? I would appreciate any tips.

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Perhaps a hospice care company could help you. I'm sure they have experience with bedbound, incontinent people of all ages and weights. It would have to be a 'must' I should think.

Daddy was in hospice care and I KNOW they supplied so many things we wouldn't have thought of---and I do remember his mattress cover did make a 'crackly' sound, not annoyingly so, but I'm sure it was the waterproofing.

Most mattress covers sold are for simple spills---not for someone can flood the bed with an accident.

I imagine this is hard--all companies are going to tout their product as being 100% the best--and likely this wouldn't be something you can return.

You may have to give up a slight measure of "comfort" if you're planning on getting a really deep mattress. It's hard to just find SHEETS that cover those.
I don't know why people think they need a 14" deep mattress for comfort, these have only become the norm recently and we all managed to rest before then. I know that the 8" mattress from my parent's spare bedroom that my family calls garbage was considered top of the line when it was new and no one who slept on it ever complained. (sorry, pet peeve)

As for the mattress cover, thick is not better just harder to launder. The thin covers they make you buy if you get a mattress warranty are what I recommend, durable enough to last a while yet cheap enough to replace if necessary. For extra protection you lay washable absorbent mattress pads on top, easy to strip off and replace without (hopefully) having to change the whole bed.
I just looked at 8 inches on the tape mearsurer and I'll go with that. As long as it's quality feeling and you can't feel the springs. I'm wary of the foam type, as I've heard they are hot.

I will follow up with the suggestions so far. Thank you.

I called this one medical supply, bed mattress place that is local yesterday and it was obvious they didn't want to do any business. Isn't that odd? A potential customer calls you, ready to buy a product (cash money, no filing on Medicare or Medicaid) and you just blow them off? Odd, imo.
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Sunny - I have found a waterproof mattress protector that I swear by.

The side that is under the body is terry cloth, the back side is gortex. They come in two styles - both accommodate extra thick mattresses. One is mainly waterproof on the top and goes just a couple of inches down the sides. The other style is completely waterproof all the way around.

They are thin - so if you have a mattress with divots and buttons you’ll need a mattress pad but the mattress protector will accommodate that.

The beauty of these is that there is no hard plastic that crinkles and crunches when you move. Also - with no plastic and the terry cloth - they don’t contribute to sleeping hot. In fact - they will wick the moisture away if you perspire when you sleep.

We have these protectors on all our beds. Rainman, of course has his - and since he sometimes gets into my bed - I have one as well. The protector got bonus points when I was going through menopause and had night sweats - the wicking feature!

They aren’t cheap - around $100 for a twin and up to $200 for a king. I got them at a mattress store called Sleep County but it’s changed names a few times since I bought my last one and I’m not sure what they go by now. Try googling “Gortex Mattress Pad”.
Okay. I'll consider it. I have to consider what is going to work in the MC and their staff. The current cover is very waterproof. I think they can disinfect the thing, it's so durable. Is it made of rubber? I don't know. It's pretty tough, and I don't have an issue with it, but, it's on this cheap mattress, that I don't think is comfortable. I may have to get several of the covers if they can't be disinfected, so they can be changed out daily, if needed and until they are laundered. I want to get something that can withstand a lot of incontinence and also, be comfortable for my LO.

I've been thinking that the one she has is built in that way. Maybe, I should confirm that. If not, I can use the same cover on a new mattress! Hmmm.....more to research. lol
Rainmom, that sounds like the covers I mentioned that I got with my new mattress, it wasn't that expensive though. I suppose there may have been a discount because I bought the mattress?
Sunny, have you asked any advice from the people at the memory care? Housekeeping staff would probably have a good idea what works for others as well as what they find easier to change.

(edit)What about a memory foam mattress topper?
My first thought would be to Google textile suppliers for big hotel chains, I'll see what happens...
[strangled cry] I cannot convince my computer that yes I DO mean suppliers in the US so it is helpfully telling me all about hospitality industry suppliers in the UK. But there are lots of them, lots of the covers are (or claim to be) waterproof, and they will be deep enough for an ordinary-to-deep mattress. Marriott came up as a brand, don't know if they'll be any use to you? Anyway - Google "mattress protectors commercial grade" or "hospitality industry supplies" - hope you'll find what you're looking for.
Assuming the current matress is waterproof and comfortable enough, is the only problem how thin it is? Have you thought about putting another possibly high quality foam under the existing one.
Possibly "Memory foam"
If you're needing "several so that they can be changed out daily," consider changing brands of disposable underwear. I had this problem until I found Abena Abri-Flex M3. They are rated to hold over two quarts of liquid. I've never had one leak. (I have no financial investment - just a satisfied customer).

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