Pain medication cream. Is there anything else?


OMG! My 90 YO mother just put some medicated pain cream on her hip and it's burning my eyes and making my eyes tear up and oh what a headache. I'm ready to leave the house. Is there anything else this stubborn old lady can use? And then she doesn't wash her hands very good. Should I throw it away and get something else? She probably would know the difference since she has dementia. I know it helps, but it sure doesn't help me. HELP!

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I think it's Oregon that allows physician assisted death in certain cases--or, they were one of 1st to do this.
WA was one of 1st to mandate all insurers must cover some alternative medicine--like acupuncture, chiropractic, ND's....probly related to Bastyr University being here, & that institute was the 1st alternative university to garner Fed Funding for research into alternative medicine.
That was back in the ...hmmm...late '80's or early '90's?
Insurers are still trying to weasel out of that.
WA has a number of poor Counties--in insurance terms: they refuse to underwrite insurance in poorer counties, since the numbers are made top look really bad. Insurers evaluate Per County, how many population are poverty level, elderly, fixed income--if there are not enough younger, healthier people per population in a given County, Insurers pretty much leave them hanging with very few choices---but that is everywhere they find those kinds of numbers.
It would look quite different, if Insurers evaluated populations per STATE, instead of per County. This bean-counter trick allows them to reduce their losses at the expense of those below certain low to moderate incomes.

WA is nearly as bad as other high-tax areas for cost-of-living--& the property taxes are trying to catch up to Oregon's, but without as much environmental concern.
OR has no sales tax, but high property tax that helps subsidize the greater environmental concerns allowed there.

Before anyone pulls up stakes to move anywhere drastically new, it might be a real good idea to ask lots of questions, & really closely evaluate things at both the target area, & where one already is established.....things always tend to look greener on the other side of the proverbial ain't necessarily so!

Besides...ya know all those Californians that moved to WA years back, that Washingtonians got their shorts bunched up over?
...essentially they brought some of the worst CA bad habits/laws/developments/etc. with them....
WA no longer has a simplified legal system; many areas have been badly developed/cheated; over-developed in terms of an areas capacities; started to look like CA-North; tried to develop as if it were same environ as CA, etc...
Those who know the region, have been so over-ridden by these maneuvers, it's gotten almost impossible.
LOTS has changed quite drastically, just in the last 20 years.
Maybe about the only thing still here, is more wide-open spaces--
but beware--we also have things like the Superfund Cleanup site ant Hanford, where GE spilled, is still leaking nuclear waste etc. nasties into water tables far and wide in that region.
Because septic systems are so widely used here, & certain versions of engineered systems guaranteed to turn anaerobic, which contaminates soil and water, are locked in as the limited systems to use, there's some problems. Then there's all the old "barrel systems" still in use.
CA has the most intensive water testing, I think, in the entire country. That didn't used to be--in the early 1990's they were still only testing a handful of things, from a list dated in the 1970's. Even with the strict, intensive testing, most water tables in CA are badly contaminated with industrial & petroleum industry toxins--the only one left, just about, is the Hetch-Hetchy that comes down from Yosemite, that feeds San Francisco. Muni Water systems unfortunately have a long history of lying to people about the water quality....

Oh dear....I better quit before this turns into a huge wall-o-words!
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And Chi, you are fortunate to be in Washington State where NDs ( Doctors of Naturopathy, for those who don't know) are licensed as primary care providers as well as being allowed to prescribed medication in addition to their chosen field of herbology and homeopathy. Tragically, not so in California and most other states. Hmmm, that and legal physician assisted suicide might be a good reason to move up your way!
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Well now, I learned something! Thanks everyone!!!
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We are muchly on the same page...haha...Hamlet to Horatio being one of my favorite quotes.

If we as a society ate a proper diet from the get go, so many prevalent conditions that exist today (primarily through Law of Attraction drawn in by the scientific who WANT to study and perpetuate disease), almost every if not all disease that is being "fought against" or "resisted" would be an "orphan disease" for which neither treatment nor allopathic medicine would have any financial incentive to be developed. I like Thoreau too, wishing more of us would step to the beat of a different drummer.
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:-) To perpetrate an old quote: "There are more things in heaven & earth than are dreamt of in your philosophy..." from Hamlet.

The ways a person's brain works are all tied up with emotions, life experiences [especially early childhood development], genetic & environmental experiences & exposures, education, what one consumes on all levels, etc..
Wise books, Bible included, teach that "As a man thinketh, so he is".
Indeed that is largely so.
Those who firmly believe they can overcome extreme conditions, have the best chances of doing so.
Those who have hidden [or not so hidden!] agendas will be the ones most apt to succumb to whatever's destroying them.
Funny thing is, a so-called "placebo" can even work when someone knows of it, or despite them disbelieving it! Go figure.

MAYBE when pets & babies respond well to homeopathics, MAYBE it's because they are acutely aware that their human who is giving them this thing, really dearly wants them to feel better they do!

OTH, that fails to explain why some respond well to homeopathics & other energy healing measures, ==even if they are ignorant they got them==!

Patients who have at least one good reason to live--something that excites their passion and joy for life, & have at least one other positive person supporting their efforts, are most likely to survive, & with flying colors.
Those 2 things help them find ways to help themselves, pursue those ways, & expand their network of support people & systems.
These keep seeking, learning, filling themselves with joy for life.
QUALITY of life helps them survive best---even in cases where a disease takes them before their time.

OTH, anyone can observe those who are afflicted with all sorts of ills, troubles, trials & tribulations, who struggle--struggles largely part of their inner landscapes, where dysfunctional beliefs, old emotional wounds, etc. drive them towards creating more difficulties for themselves, & losing struggles & just giving up--some slower than others, but still a downward spiral.
The size & scope of unhealed "inner wounds" & bad programming, DOES influence [though it's not the entire picture] whether, how fast, how well, these folks survive.

Science has observed it, sorta explained it, documented all sorts of details of it, yet, human behaviors still largely obstruct us all from optimizing our lives.
Like, we KNOW regularly getting 8 hrs of nightly sleep is critical for good health and stability; studies have categorically shown that rotating shift work is deadly.

Yet, industries all over the work world, stick to rotating shifts; put Docs thru residencies from hell, keeping them up, in charge of people's lives for days at a time with little excuse for naps; air traffic controllers with long hours, little sleep; clogged rush hour roadways, drivers barely staying awake, nodding into half-lidded pseudo sleep as their bodies just shut down, cause plenty of accidents & deaths--more than alcohol.

Competitive natures drive profiteering over humane work conditions; people desperate for income to survive, cave in & agree to work under terrible conditions that daily compromise their survival & quality of life.
"Inside the Great Mystery that is, we don't own anything. What is this competition we feel then, before we go, one at a time, through the same gate?" ~Rumi

Wheels of change turn slowly, unless & until people get some "a-HA!" moment[s], when they can make some paradigm changes for themselves.
We could do far better jobs of teaching & nurturing our babies from birth on up.
We could do a far better job of helping teach children how to eat healthy foods.
We could do far better jobs of "voting with our wallets" so industries would decrease the junk production/promotion.
More are trying to do this.
But more often than not, most still fall back into whatever is familiar, even when that is harming them!
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Yes...that's another weird thing science can't explain about homeopathy. It works exceptionally well on pets and children where the placebo effect can't be claimed; yet oddly, many adults that it doesn't always seem to work on are the very same adults they have resistance problems. I always tell people they can blocks the energy affect with resistance. Somehow they find that exclamation on scientific to which I say there are people in hospitals as we speak with IV antibiotics pumping in their veins, and dying of infection anyway. Resistance doesn't just occur in homeopathy. Haha...
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Thanks CarolLynn--good info too!
I worked at an MD office who practiced almost entirely alternative--largely homeopathy. It was great stuff. Learned LOTS.
Am about to take remedies to a sick can't afford the vet.
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Add to chi's gr8 info (kno this as a lifelong homeopath, nutritionist and homeopathic lay prescriber): Boericke & Tafel also make Califlora, a Calendula based rub. Good for cuts, wounds & bruises. Use whenever the skin is broken. arnica rubs such as Arniflora shouldn't be used on broken skin or open wounds.

Homeopathically prepared "mothers tinctures", which were used almost exclusively by Hahnemann, are made from animal, vegetable, and mineral raw materials as well as from nosodes, sarcodes and bacterias. MTs from the first three are safe, from the remaining three, best left to a professional. More info at 3W / similima / com / miracles-of-homeopathic-mother-tinctures

Anyone interested in beginning an investigation into homeopathy could first study the Cell Salts (which are homeopathically prepared) as well as the following homeopathics: Arnica, Aconite, Belladonna , Bryonia, Gelsemium, Hepar Sulph, Ipecac, Lycopodium, Nux Vomica, Pulsatilla, Rhus Tox and Ruta Grav.
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Thanks for the info Chimonger.
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Boericke & Tafel Homeopathic cremes disappear into the skin
--no greasy residue, softens skin nicely, and helps reduce aches and pains of various kinds.
One for muscle over-use aches & pains is "Arniflora" gel or creme.
One for rheumatic-inflammatory pains, is called "Triflora" gel or creme.
No odors. Hypoallergenic.
Safety of Homeopathic Dilution remedies is VERY safe--No medication interactions or adverse reactions, no overdosing, ever.
The larger the dilution number, the stronger it can get the body to direct healing activity.
AVERAGE strength is about 30C, for most common uses.
Homeopathic Dilutions contain no measurable amounts of medicinal substances--ONLY the energy imprint that reminds the body to behave in certain ways, to feel better. These either work, or they don't.
[First, do no harm!]
We used these extensively for many of our patients with extreme allergies, as well as for their sick pets, children, elderly--completely safe.
Nope, science still has yet to figure how they work--it drives mainstream science nuts--but as the science of quantum physics develops, it might explain why/how it works.
It's been in use for far longer than the European guy a couple hundred years ago, who brought it to the attention and use of Europe. The British Royals use homeopathy. India has been using them for a very long time.
They don't solve everything, but they are sure a great adjunct!!
BTW--a homeopathic dilution remedy can be made from ANY substance, cheap, by anyone with simple items, safely, safe to use, and effective.
We have used these when stumped for what standard remedy to use--or, when the proper remedy was out-of-reach at the moment.

NOTES: "Mother Tinctures", also part of homeopathy, are actual herbal tinctures---Actual herbal preparations have actual measurable strength, can cause drug interactions, adverse reactions, & one can overdose on them, same as pharmaceuticals.
It is important when using herbals, that one has been educated in their uses & precautions. Just because something is "Natural" does not give any blanket security to use however one wishes---consider: arsenic is natural, yet is poison--but in a Homeopathic dilution, it is a very safe remedy for a wide range of things.
One of the worst things industry has done, is convince some that "Natural" = "safe". Industry has put strong herbs [like ginseng] into far too many products--never being accountable for some who might take too many products with it in--or, only putting a token amount in the product to say they could---
OR, it has been badly prepared, with other ingredients that block absorption.
Caveat emptor!

I believe Vitamin Shoppes nationwide carry Arniflora and Triflora, & many other stores, too. Also saw it online at many places.
Homeopathic remedies are safe, cheap, easy to use.
They come in drops, pellets, tiny tablets, ointments, cremes, etc.
IF one is interested, it's a great idea to get a book or few on homeopathic uses to help health conditions.
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