Mom's oxygen level keeps dropping to 70%. Anyone else experience this?

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They say it should be at least 95% She in in a nursing home with alzheimers & she broke her hip 3 months ago. They say her chest xray is clear.

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Telling you it is not pneumonia isn't really telling you what you need to know, is it! Ask the doctor:

What does this mean?
Can we do anything about it?
Is it time for hospice?
This is too serious to be posted on a forum; you need to speak with a pulmonary physician ASAP.

Is this happening during the day or night, or both? Does it occur with rest or with movement? Is she on oxygen at all?

Low SAT rates can affect the body in many ways - cognitively, strength, fall risk...someone should have done something about this before now.

Demand a pulmonary consult ASAP. This is NOT normal!
I have read that low oxygen may come with late stage dementia. Is hospice involved?
The only time I saw 70% was when the patient was actively dying, with just a few hours to go. Sign the DNR, because you don't want to watch them hit her with the paddles. It's not pretty.
Louise, you really need to find out how often this is occurring and whether it's at night or during the day. My father's SAT rate dropped to low 70% at nights, he was prescribed oxygen during the night to cope with that, but he was still stable during the day.

I was shocked that it could drop so low at night but not drop low during the day. Somewhere in my notes I have explanations from our pulmonary doctor, but at this time I just don't recall how this happens.
This just started 3 days ago. They have her on oxygen all the time now if they don't it drops. She is in a skilled care nursing home so she is monitored. She is in a wheelchair or recliner & walks only with the assistance of 2 or 3 people. No one has give us any answers
Louise, are you speaking to the doctor or just the nurses on staff? If the facility doctor doesn't have a clue and she is not ready for hospice then push him/her for direction.
What was the justification for admission? Did she have an acute illness? Does she have pneumonia, bronchitis? Diagnosed with COPD, emphysema?

What's the care plan? You're entitled to answers. Ask to talk to the Director of Nursing. Or ask for a meeting to discuss care plans.
Dr saw her tonight Perscribed zpack antibiotic, breathing treatment with albuterol & expectorant. Seems to have perk up after breathing treatment. Still on oxygen. Thank you for the input
Louise, that's good to hear. Maybe the doc will prescribe nebulizer treatments as well.

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