My dad got notification for Medicaid 2 years ago, but not before we had run out of money. He pays his required pension and SS amounts faithfully each month, but this balance still looms. The nursing home won't do anything about it, and my dad literally has no assets to pay it. How do I get nursing home to either go after their money or erase the balance? It distresses my dad to see this balance he knows he can never pay. It's also interesting that it's roughly the exact amount my dad has on a life insurance policy? I'm assuming the home thinks they'll get that when he's gone? We'll need money to bury him and that will just about cover it.

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I have no personal experience with these issues. Are you your dads POA? If so, ask the NH to send the bill to you so he doesn't have to see it. It doesn't sound like you dispute that your father owes the debt. Why would you want them to. " go after" what they are owed? Could you be forcing them to ask him to leave for an unpaid bill? Legally the NH may not be willing to write the debt off as long as your father is alive. Who is the beneficiary of the life insurance policy? If it is you, you might have control over how you choose to spend it. If it is to his estate then the nursing home bill would be a charge against his estate. If you helped him to make arrangements for his funeral he might be able to make his insurance payable to the funeral home. I am assuming he is competent and can make these changes if he would like to. Of course he could also decide to make the NH the beneficiary to resolve the outstanding debt.
Hopefully, Someone who resolved a NH bill will see your post and let you know what they did.
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