I have had a stroke and have Parkinsons Disease. I was in the hospital recently and they had some oversize pads, wider than usual and I also can't find those.

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Shops tend to carry a limited line of the most commonly used products, if there is a good independent pharmacy near you they might be willing to order them in for you.
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I am taking the word "oversize" very literally, so please don't be offended if I have misunderstood your needs.

The key word when you are looking up continence care products online is "bariatric." As far as I can tell, glancing at the usual websites, almost all of the leading pad manufacturers do offer these extra large ranges for both men and women. Personally I'd start with Tena, but you may have your own preferred type.

If you particularly liked the ones you were offered in hospital, just give the ward you were on a friendly call and ask them for the product name and specifications - they can easily grab one and have a look!
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Have you check the stores bebsite? Some items are carried but not stocked in the stores. Perhaps the store could special order them for you.
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