On August 29, 2018, MargaretMcKen asked for my assistance regarding the Aging Care website. Because of unexpected health issues, I am currently unable to assist MargaretMcKen ( ) as I had was planned.

Please find below the questions that MargaretMcKen asked me. I would appreciate any assistance or suggestions that anyone can give to her. I suggest that you provide your answers on this posting as I am not sure that Margaret can access her personal messages at this time.

Margaret, I am sorry that I can not offer the help that you requested. Unfortunately I was recently diagnosed with a medical condition that is requiring a multitude of tests and scans before we can begin treatment. I hope that other people on this website can help you with your quesitons. God Bless

"Hi DeeAnna, your post suggests to me that you know how to contact the site moderator/s. I asked a question addressed really to the moderators a while ago. No-one has answered it. Perhaps you could assist, particularly as this has give me a new question!

1) First question was ‘How do you change your profile?’. There were some old answers on this, but they didn’t seem to square up with what I now see on the screen. Perhaps this is the result of the new website.

2) The result of trying to ask the first question was ‘Could there be a subject ‘site’ on the list of subjects from which you have to choose when you ask a question? It would be the obvious way to reach moderator/s easily.

If this isn’t you, any suggestions would be gladly received. Yours, Margaret"

Thank you to anyone who can answer Margaret's questions. DeeAnna

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Reporting my own post
Margaret, hope you can find this.

Deanna, hope things go well for you.

To change your profile
Click your avatar in top right corner, select profile from the drop-down, then (tricky part) click on settings on the ribbon just below the aging care banner.

To reach moderators
Near the bottom of the page there is a "Contact Us" box

To ask a new question
The AC home page, at the top right there s a box to ask a new question.

You do not have to pick a topic. AC's Alogotlrithms will figure it out.

If nothing else works for you I am reporting my own post.
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