I have been caring for my husband for 6 years and I just need a break for even a couple of days, but I feel guilty. What should I do?

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Many of us here in the forum are sole caregivers for a variety of reasons. Even if you have a large family, so many people "scatter" when there is serious work to be done taking care of an elder.
DO NOT feel guilty because you need a break. That is your little internal clock telling you that it is time to re-charge your batteries.
When people ask if they can help, say YES and have a few things ready for them to do (like giving you a few hours of respite in the week.) If that is not possible, hire a paid caregiver to come in once a week - then take that time to do things for yourself (no caregiving errands, etc.) I use a licensed company that screens their employees and hires locally. We pay 19. per hour.
Creative activities do wonders for me...anything that takes my mind off the stressful nature of caregiving.
You are not alone in your feelings and it is not disloyal to think this way...it is human - and you are a wonderful person for standing by your husband.
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