I have been staying with her since she found out. Helping her around the house. Now that she is getting worse, I barley get to leave the house, unless one of my siblings come over, which is hardly never. Hospice comes twice a week to check her meds, and see how she is doing, otherwise it's just me. My sister had told me that there might be a way I can get paid for taking care of her. Is this true?

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Hi Larryjaye
AARP has a great article on this issue:
There are a lot of different requirements and different states have different rules. But it is definitely worth investigating. Good luck with it-I know it can be challenging to have the time to do the investigating when you are a caregiver. If you cannot do it, maybe ask your sister to do the research,
Best of luck,
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Larry, the majority of grown children do not get paid for taking care of their parent.... unless the parent can pay that person from their own savings.

One option is to contact Medicaid [which is different from Medicare] to see if your State offers such a payment program..... but note the pay would be minimal. Unless your Sister knows of some program that I am not familiar with.
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