How does anyone who is in this position that has had a client for a lengthy time, and my invoices are reviewed and paid by me, (she signs them) & CPA reviews for accuracy. This has been her way for years, and now due to sudden turns, has little time left.

Not being greedy, because that is not the case, is there anyone in this position?

1. She is only check signer on her checking account.
2. Her POA is her attorney?
3. How to handle?

This is my career, this is the way I make a living. I have been blessed by the journey's that have been given to me (In 8 plus years), and it all started with my loving mom and volunteering and having her and father live with us. This was a loving time, and quit my career, which I did because that is what children do for those that have assisted us through life starting at birth. (dysfunctional or not)

When a client is end of life, in past, there was a daughter, a son or someone, to finalize all of the billing.

Am I supposed to just close my eyes, and volunteer the last 7 - 15 days of care?

Lately because of the need she states she needs, & the Long Term Care Facility, she has asked me to find another woman.

I did that and that took much time as many of you realize, hours with postings, telephone interviews, background checks, references, etc. Regardless, my hour

Her physical, mental, emotional, mainly physical are very large, & she is now a two assist, I heard tonight that she is about 75% of the night care. (19 patients 1 aid) from 10p to 6a.

What does one do financially, if they are paid once a week, (I write the checks), the INVOICES BEFORE I WRITE THEM ARE approved by her CPA. He has no other authority?

Thank you for any advice.

I know the legal way is to be her employee, however she did not want to do that.
I have been in contact with the IRS, making quarterly payments for Social Security Medicare. etc. and Fed Withholding.

I am setting this question up, because i just want an answer about end of life and the last two weeks of care, and you haven't been paid. (or month)?

Do you say "you have done your best" and expect nothing.
As a daughter "I expected nothing"
This is my "career" and there should be a right and wrong.
I would love, soft, clear advise.
This is not easy for me.
This is my career, and like any other, I would be hopeful to receive my pay.
I am a person that doesn't fight, and am not living paycheck to paycheck.

I am not trying to insult any of you, at all, I am trying and reaching for the most logical answer.

I spoke to the attorney, (hers) at her advice, he recommended that I have her sign a check, because and write an amount such as $1,000.00. This would be an advanced payment, but the CPA says that is ok, and I just am not sure. (Wouldn't cash, until death).

I have heard horror stories, yet, I have and am still up washing her clothing "unpaid" because I do love what I do, & this is not about money, it is about education for the "end of life" and money, when she has not set it up well at all. (I just got home from a 12 hr. day.

At the moment, I spend many hours interviewing, looking for, placing ads, or additional help. Why? "honoring her requests". Please realize, I have values, integrity, trust, am loyal, and do the best for anyone regardless of if a parent or not. In addition to her personal care.

Thank you for all of you reading this question, and not answering with negative.

QUESTION IS: What would you do if you were working as a private caregiver for a client, whom has spent 100 plus days in a long term assisted living situation, and has hired me from day one, at home, and wanted me with her when at the hospital, as well as assisted living.
Tonight, it is apparent that her life is short, and she is sole signer on her account.
Oxygen sat 78 - 85 (all day), Blood Pressure 88/66, Heart rate 44. Based on that how much time left?

I guess, I ask with eggshells, because I have seen some pretty harsh answers and not much support. Remember, I don't need to be further upset that why am I not her employee (if I wanted to work for her, it was this way or the highway). I felt tremendous compassion for her because she has chased any and all family away.

Thank you to those of you that semi know me, and will answer.
This is a very hard time, and i just spent 4 days in a row 12 hours with her, non stop, and 5 hours at home, finding the additional help "to grant her wishes". I have talked to the medical facility, and they believe that I am doing the correct thing, based on what she says.

She is a very very difficult person, & impossible at times, yet, I have been told, there is something about me, & the way I treat her, that she has very much liked & respected.

During the last days, it is never easy.
This isn't easy, as I am her "adopted daughter" in her eyes, as no one has every cared as much as I, "she states".
All positive answers welcomed.
If negative, if it is for my benefit, please do advise.

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I agree, you are absolutely right to want to get paid. That doesn't make you cold or unfeeling. This is your job, this is what you do, and the only reason most of us work is so we can be paid.

In addition to talking to the CPA I would suggest you speak to the attorney as well. The attorney takes care of all of her business and you are a part of her business as far as I'm concerned. Just like the electric bill, you too deserve to be paid.
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You are right to want and need to get paid. Have her pay you ahead 30 days at a time,
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Thank you. That is a good idea. I will check with my accountant too.
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I'm not familiar with this. What comes to my mind is to do an invoice of your projected labor cost. In the invoice, state the dates it's covering. I would think the best way to do this is from services rendered up to today's date. I don't feel comfortable that you would invoice or get paid in advance. It will most likely cause you trouble because of 'inconsistencies' or suspicions. And then present it to CPA and/or have her sign the check.

Another option - if she's willing - to give you a "Thank you check' for your loyalty to her. What others would call a 'gift'.
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I do apologize, this is lengthy. I find that the more I know about a question, i.e. the background it is easier to identify the question.

I appreciate you whom have the time, compassion, will and want to care enough to advise me on what you feel would be the best course of action.
God Bless, and this is a fabulous sight. Truly it is.

Thanks to all whom I have read your posts, and the one's that are regulars, that I have learned oh so much from.
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