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My mother is 90 and does not sleep all the time. (Far from it. I need to ask for rest breaks when we are out shopping!)

Extreme fatigue could be caused by a number of issues- medication, thyroid, anemia. I would get her a full check up from a geriatrician. Don't let the doctors blow you off. If they try, say "What else could be causing the fatigue besides her age?"
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Dad turned 91 yesterday. He does not have dementia. He sleeps from 7 pm to 6 am, naps from 9:30-11:30, has lunch, naps from 1-3, and is up until 7. Some days it is more or less napping. We do not worry about it.
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A doctor once told me "sometimes they just get tired". His comment still infuriates me because I went there seeking answers, his comment was a glib and dismissive one based on her age and nothing more, he didn't know my mother at all. The thing is there is sometimes truth in what he said, but I don't know your mother well enough to know if this is part of a continuing pattern of decline or something new and worrisome that needs investigating.
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