My mother in law is in her mid 60's and had two strokes. There was some cognitive damage evident but now the decline in the vascular dementia is very rapid. Two months ago she was holding down a job, now she can't even remember where she is or who people are. Even three weeks ago she was much better. It's been my impression that usually dementia has a slower progression than this. Could there be other things going on? Low sodium levels? Reactions to meds, wrong kids of med, etc? It's very disturbing and somewhat at odds with the many people I have known with age-onset dementia. Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks

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Is she still in the hospital? Or in rehab?

Vascular dementia is a very different animal than Alzheimer's dementia. In VaD, the changes are swift and sudden.

Has she had blood work to look at her electrolytes and has a UTI been ruled out? What did MRI show? Have they ruled out Normal pressure Hydrocephalus?
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Vascular dementia is characterized by sudden declines followed by slow improvement (but never to the previous level) and then a plateau; the declines generally follow an acute event and the length of the plateau depends on how well the condition which is causing the vascular disease is controlled. A sudden, rapid decline needs to be investigated as soon as possible, it could be anything from a treatable UTI to TIA or another small stroke.
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