My mom 86 yr old my mothers memory was perfect till this all happened caught Valley fever went into meningitis they saying it triggered dementia don't understand how. I have asked her whats wrong and just says I don't know asked if shes ok says yes says shes gets confused and scared of being alone she screams a lot calling my name if I leave the room for a bit after waking up! It only happens if shes alone for a bit or after sleeping or after taking napes she don't get that much sleep, I say sometimes 3 to 4 hrs a day sometimes 5. Shes done this before but more so now recently fell at a nursing home. Said they found her sitting on her rear but I think I found a lump on back of her head. Help me!

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The explanation that your mother's dementia was triggered by the infection is likely true. People are generally fragile at 86. Surgery, anesthetic or severe infection can tough off dementia. Her fear after naps is likely triggered by dreams. She may not be able to tell a dream from reality. Please ask the doctor is there are any medications that could possibly help this.
As far as the fall goes, they should have an explanation of the lump on her head. It's possible she fell and bumped her head and then was able to sit up, but that indicates a slow response to the fall. I'd push harder for some reason for that lump. If you don't feel the nursing home is giving good care, you can contact your ombudsman at Type in the Zip code of the nursing home to find your contact.
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