My MIL currently thinks of my husband and myself as 5 different couples. We have houses in two states so two of the couples are based in those states. Frequently we're not us at all, but basically some other people who just happen to be in the room that she talks to about us (yes it is that confusing and odd to hear about how yourself as a third person). There's also a "mean" son with a little wife (that he beats which doesn't happen by the way) and a "rotten" couple and the fifth couple is the one she's currently living with but isn't there with "us."   The rotten couple took away her vehicle and driving ability in case you're wondering. The "mean" one put her in a nursing home years ago (never happened) and her cousins had to hire an attorney to get her out (also never happened)! There has been some talk of the need for a memory care solution in the near future so that story isn't hard to psychoanalyze even without a degree. It's not particularly a problem but does make us feel like we're living in alternative universes:)  I haven't seen this being discussed here. Has anyone else had this?

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This is not particularly unusual with dementia, but this confabulation/delusion is particularly complex ;-) If/when this type of behavior swerves into the angry/aggressive area, be aware that the doc can prescribe one of the atypical antipsychotic medications
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