What does this plan cover, and is it worth it?

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Thank you for the information. I already am enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan. Does the supplement plan cover costs outside of the Medicare Advantage plan? Is the Medicare Supplement insurance plan endorsed by AARP, and insured by United Healthcare Insurance Company legitimate , and not a scam? Thanks again for your time and advice.
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Medicare only covers 80% of healthcare costs so it is prudent to have some additional coverage.
You will know exactly what the cost will be should you visit the ER for example. The policy I have charges $85 for an ER visit and even that is waived if hospital admission is needed. There are set fees for visits to your PCP and specialist consultations.
You may have to use certain Drs but if you use a local plan they are probably those you would use anyway.
It does not matter what the Dr or hospital charge for your visit you only pay predetermined amount. Even very expenses for such things as MRIs have a predetermined co-pay.
There are monthly payments for these plans but it can be as low as $0 but your co-pays will be much higher.
You have to make you choice on the type of plan you may need with reference to your age and health.
If you make a mistake one year you can change the plan during Open Enrollment once a year.
My plan has a ceiling of $5000 in out of pocket expenses per year, so everything is free till the end of the year. This year I have had no co-pays since Oct.
The simple answer is that yes supplemental insurance is well worth it.
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