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Thank you. We continue to look at the different plans that have all our meds.
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Which public Medicare Part C health plan (of which Medicare Advantage is one type) you should add to your Original Medicare depends on
1. Whether or not your favorite provider(s) accept such a plan (most doctors do not)
2. What other providers are in your favorite provider(s)' network; public Part C plans are networked so you need to look further than just your doctor especially if you have regular need for a specialist
3. What is available in your county (prices and plan availability are different in the 3000 or so different counties in the U.S.

If it turns out a Part C plan is right for you, you will most likely save thousands of dollars versus the more common choice of adding some sort of private "gap" insurance (typically from a former employer but also bought individually) and a public Part D drug plan to your Original Medicare. The biggest benefit of adding Part C to Original Medicare is that it has an annual out of pocket spend limit; Original Medicare and most individually bought private plans do not have such a limit. In addition, typically Part C plans include an annual physical exam whereas Original Medicare and most individually bought private plans do not.
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JessieBelle's last statement contains the boiled-down truth. Not only does it depend on what care providers you use, but also on your medications. I just put my data in a comparison program which tries to match your needs on a scale up to 100. My current policy came in at 44. I am now researching one that scored 97.

But note that it scored 97 FOR ME, given my particular uses. If you don't have the same chronic conditions I do, it might not be good for you at all.
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My mother has Blue Advantage and has had no problem with it. One thing that can help is to check which plan the physician accepts. Check to see if the doctors and pharmacies are included in the network.

Personally I am going with Blue Advantage next year. The network is large and includes just about everyone that I will deal with. What is good for me, though, may not be best for everyone.
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