A close friend, whose husband has same issues as my husband (Parkinson's and Dementia, signed up with Medicaid Passport Program. She is very unhappy with the program and now sorry that she signed up and wants to cancel it. She didn't completely understand the program and didn't ask the right questions. Can she cancel after using their services for about 3 months?

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I think that your friend should discuss this with the case manager.

I don't suppose that one has to use all the services available to them in order to stay in the program. For example, if your friend does not want chore services, might she still want adult day care? Might she still want incontinence products for her husband? How about the drug supplemental insurance that brings co-pays down to $3 or less?

I assume that your friend went through the obstacle course of qualifying for the program for her husband. Now that he is eligible, are there any parts of it they would find worthwhile? I don't know how it works in Ohio, but here in Minnesota the benefits are pretty extensive. It included dental care, for example, transportation to medical appointments, cleaning service, adult day care and later a personal care aid when the day program was no longer appropriate, low cost drugs, incontinent supplies, a medical alert system, and more. We weren't required to accept everything available. For example, if we hadn't wanted the alert system we could still have accepted the Depends.

The case manager can help your friend all aspects of the program, and can perhaps help with discontinuing some services while staying in the program for other benefits, or cancelling the program altogether.
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Passport is assigned to keep people out of nursing homes, and costs the individual only 60% as much as nursing home care. If she cancels, is she willing to place him in a Nursing Home? Does she understand the cost?
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