Lost Medicaid because of $21.00 SS raise. Is there any way to actually have Social Security take a few dollars off of me?


Sorry, Hope this is OK, I am not exactly a caregiver, I am still able to care for myself. I had colon cancer mid year 2013, and had surgery and chemo, complications from Chemo, and wore out knees, Couldn't return to my (outside) job. I need a Yearly CT Scan, and think it's 6 months for the blood work, and get shots in my knees 4 times a year, and I think it's every 3 years, instead of 10, a colonoscopy. Plus, May have to start seeing a pain management doctor. Anyways, I WAS eligible and receiving WV State Medicaid under there QMB. (I am 62 years old, but on Medicare because of being on SSDI for over 24 months) In 2017, I was getting $1,013.00 per month. In 2018 with my recent Social security raise, of $21.00, I am now getting $1,034.00. With a $20.00 Disregard, brings me down to $1,014.00 and puts me Over The State (maybe federal) income limit of $1,012.00 So I am Over the Limit By $2.00!! That Extra $21.00 a Month Surely will not Pay for a secondary Insurance plan. So the "Big" Social Security raise actually hurt me more than helped me. Is there any way to actually Have Social security take a Few dollars off of me?

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Thank you
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No problem. I know it's frustrating.
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Sorry To Act The way I acted Becky.
Thank you for your time.
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Thanks ,
Sorry about The Attitude,
Life's made me That way.
Furthermore, It's True.
That's all these kids do around here, is get pregnant, and get on Welfare.
3 and 4 kids, with 3 and 4 different fathers.
They Ain't gonna Do Nothing For Me!
I don't know how to do it, And My case doesn't give a Damn.
She does Not Care To help me.
thanks For your Time.
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Medicare and Medicaid are separate programs and you can be dual Medicare and Medicaid. What you are over the limit for is QMB. Reapply for Medicaid and see what happens. Do not ask for QMB to pay your Medicare Part B premium. That remark about unwed mothers is uncalled for. That attitude will get you no help, if you talk to case workers with that attitude. I know it's frustrating for all people who apply for services but you're no better than any other applicant. I'm done.
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"And you don't think these are even *unintended* consequences?"
could Be.
I know if I were 18, and pregnant, I could get help.
Maybe I WILL NOT get a social security raise next year, and they will raise the income Cap,
Seems medicaid raises the Cap every Year.
I can get help next year then.
I don't think there is anything I can do.
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You might want to edit your last post and remove your name from it.

I wish I had anything to contribute to the discussion. And you don't think these are even *unintended* consequences?
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I sent this e mail to

I don't Know Becky, I'm not sure I can get Traditional or regular Medicaid.
because I am On medicare.
When Your on medicare, Don't you Have to stay on medicare.

They "Stuck it to me"
and that is how I see it.
"when Social Security gives the cost of living increase. " WHAT A JOKE!!
They probably Did it on purpose.

I was wondering, I was told Due to The Increase I got On my social security Disability Insurance, That I was Making too much for QMB .
I was getting 1,013.00 and got $21.00 "Raise"
and am now getting 1,034.00 .
What Can be done?
I can't afford secondary insurance. I am struggling every month as it is.
Also if You go to This Page,


It says for a Single person, only one in household,
The yearly limit is $16,146.
I am Under that.
Unless the Page is in error.
Also, Can I get Social Security to Take Back There So Called "Raise"?
As it surely did Not Help Me.

Good Afternoon Mr. XXXXXXX !! Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do when Social Security gives the cost of living increase. We have a Gross monthly income limit for the Medicare Premium Assistance program. You still receive this Program but it now obviously only covers your Part B premium and not the 20 % that it was covering before. **The website and income limit that you are referring to is for MAGI Traditional Medicaid only. This is for people not receiving Medicare.**
I am sorry we could not be of anymore help.
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He's over the federal limit on QMB, the program that pays Medicare Part B. That limit is the same limit in all states except Hawaii and one other. I would ask could I drop that part of Medicaid. That might make a difference if only asking for regular Medicaid. It would mean the $134.00 comes out of social security which it's going to anyway since over the limit for QMB
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That's Right Labs. It dosen't matter, I am a man though.
Yes, I'm 62, But since I have been on social security disability Insurance Over 24 Months,
I had to go on medicare.
I wish Social Security would just take Back the $21.00 "Raise"
That was supposed to help me, But instead hurt me.
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