For the past three nights, my dad's conversation has been on one topic (a slightly different on each night) for as long as I would let him talk. One night it was treating people kindly, the next night it was behaving responsibly, last night it was thanking people for their service, i.e. the maid, the cab driver, the wait staff, etc. It went on for an hour each night. If I hadn't excused my self, it would still be going on. I know this is a form of perseveration, and to be expected. But, is there something going on in his head that makes these topics so important to him? He is on the waiting list for a space in a memory unit. I do believe my aunt (who is his care giver, (with lots of hired help and help from my extended family) has talked about his moving in front of him. That's fine. He needs to know what is headed his way. But could this be why I'm getting an endless conversation (more of a professorial lecture) about kindness and compassion?

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Enjoy every conversation as much as you can. Recalling those things he repeats will help you someday when you miss him. Listen to him.
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Is this a change in his mental status?

If so, you really need to get him checked out for a UTI or other infection.
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K43d35 Feb 27, 2019
To my knowledge, he does not have a UTI. He and my aunt live in an assisted living facility. They are currently in phase 1. They gets health checks bi weekly as part of their care. This is not really a change in his mental status, more of a change in his behavior. He has been loosing his conversational power for quite a long time. But the perseveration on one topic is new. The conversation mostly consists of telling me to be respectful ( if that is the days chosen (by him)) topic. And the three ways I can show respect. and then it repeats. Kinda like he is only giving the introduction to a speech.

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