It is not that he physically can not walk. Seems that his legs just don't co-operate and remember..Any suggestions? We bought a dual rollator which can be a walker or can be a transport chair.

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Doctor said it is sign of mental decline. We did try physical therapy but they discharged him (because of lack of progress, I assume). I will try geewiz's suggestion of cueing everything and touch..worth trying! thank you!
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Often, memory care sufferers need verbal and nonverbal cues to show them how to do things. This applies to almost everything at one time or another. When my Mom had PT during her memory decline, the therapist would give her cues. 'Ok we are going to walk to the end of the hall. Start with your right leg, and the therapist would softly touch her right leg. All right, now your left leg. Right, left etc.
When I would walk with my Mom she would sometimes stop. After a short rest I would say ok Mom time to go. Right leg and I would touch her right leg. Now left. Etc. My cousins were there at one point while I was doing my right/left routine. They laughed out loud at my giving marching instructions. For those who haven't been there, they have no idea of how memory loss affects EVERYTHING. Try the above and let us know if it works. Good luck
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Has he been seen by his doctor? Might a few sessions of physical therapy help him?
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