I need to know if this is normal. My mother has accidents which I know happen sometimes.but I don't understand how she can have an accident, tear the dirty part off of her pull ups leaving the waist band in tack then asks for a clean pair but hides the dirty part and forgets where she put it. In a span of a few minutes. And she only has accidents when we are planning on going somewhere and she doesn't want to go.

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Thank you for your answers. I have only been caring for my mother for a year and it feels like 10. I cant see how anyone can do it for years. I can't. Just waiting on paper work now.
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Yes. It is all part of the dementia. How sad for both of you.
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Yes, that sounds like dementia to me.

Taking the brief off herself sounds like dementia.

Hiding things and then forgetting where she hid it or even if she hid it sounds like classic dementia.

Having an accident when she has to go somewhere she doesn't want to go sounds manipulative and people at a certain stage of dementia can be very manipulative.

It sounds like you have your hands full.
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