Mom is now sleeping all the time, taking no food or water, and has started pausing while breathing. Every few minutes, her arms and legs begin to flail as if she is panicking. She rouses slightly, then drifts back into her deep sleep. Has anyone else experienced this? I have read about the jerking movements that can occur as death nears, but this is much more than that.

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Many people are given medication at the end of life. Are you working with hospice? If so, they have given you medication to ensure your mom feels calm.

I used to work in hospice and aside from medication I found that a cool (not cold) cloth on the forehead can be soothing. The body also begins to expel waste through the pores and wiping the face and limbs down gently with a cool cloth can be calming as well. And if your mom becomes agitated, talk softly to her. She will not likely respond but she may hear your voice. Reassure her that you're there, share memories with her, hold her hand. The end of life is unique to each person, there is not a one-size-fits-all remedy to what each person experiences. Address her symptoms and it'll be OK.
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I'm so sorry that you are going through this. Do you have anyone there with you?
Hope this info helps-


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In the last days or hours, your loved one may become restless and confused and have hallucinations so upsetting they may cry out, strike out, or try to climb out of bed. Stay with them. Try to keep them calm with soothing music and gentle touch. Sometimes medication helps.
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