Does anyone know if there is an iPhone app that allows caregivers to share prescription info for an elder?

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I have been using one called My Medical (by Hyrax Inc.), and I've been happy with it. I paid $3 for the iPhone app. I've been very happy with it. It tracks prescriptions (current and past) and other important stuff too, such as diagnoses, names of doctors, hospitalizations, tests and procedures, etc. Basically all that stuff you need when you are giving a history for the upteenth time to yet another new doctor. This sort of thing is why I got an iPhone when my dad came to live with me, and consider it my lifeline.

Of course the app is only as good as the data you put in it. I recommend dictating instead of typing to input things like test results - just proofread what you have dictated. I have stuff like echocardiogram results in there that I dictated from reports, and that's really nice when someone asks about the history of a particular condition.

Sometimes I bring up the app, go to the relevant category, and hand the iPhone to the doctor so they can read it themselves. You can email reports (such as the list of editions) from the app, so sometimes that's how I transfer it to the attending doc.

I wish this app synced more elegantly to the Mac version and stored the data in iCloud. But having it locally stored on the phone is necessary because so often you are in a place where you don't necessarily have access to the net.
Thank you, that's very helpful - I'll check it out!
If you just need a simple list of medications, try AnyList from the App Store. It's free and you can add a little bit of specific information for any item on the list. Then Share the list with others who have downloaded the AnyList app. It would be pretty adaptable to other medical lists, too, such as procedures or doctor lists.
the app sounds pretty cool. However, I just use a index card n write everything down that I take n dosage n then just let the physicians make a copy of it. I keep the index card in my purse.
I personally take a lot of meds. I write it on the computer then update it and print it out. Makes it easy for the meds. But what a great idea for the other medical info.
Yogibear, I luv your idea with the computer n u can save n update it too. I take a lot of meds too. Actually, the mnl is healthier than I am as I am the caregiver. Sounds like you r in the same boat like me. I use my computer to make my own insulin dose, carbs, fats n comment sheets so I can keep up with what I take n eat n my blood-sugar readings so the dr can see it too. I don't even know why I didn't even think about the meds. Duh! Thanks for the tip.
Thanks for the recommendation! I have used a much simpler method - just took photos of medication lists and stuff on my Iphone. At least I have that much with me but I will try your method.
This is the best app I've seen so far!!! You can be creative in its uses: One sheet can be printed with pictures of each pill and instructions. ETC. Use to create FREE, easy-to-read medication schedules. Print schedules that are easy to create, read and update
Receive reminders to take your medications by text or email. Set refill reminders—reorder your prescriptions before they run out
Keep track of your daily medications—strengths, dosage and purpose
Bring your pill schedule to all your doctor appointments
Maintain medicine schedules for yourself and family members
Print your schedule in English or Spanish
Convenient wallet-size schedules to carry with you
Pill box organizers and reminders, JUST UPDATE regularly..I do this for mom immediately upon picking up the new RX. It does help some keep track of what they take and could be considered a useful "brain" exercise tool.

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