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My hair started to really thin about 10 years ago during a very stressful period. I looked into the shampoos and did a little online research about Minoxidil but didn't find anything that seemed promising for me, especially as I have sensitive skin and I had a feeling having to apply something to the scalp regularly would be a problem. (It's possible there are more options now since that time.)

Then unrelated to that issue I started a bit of a health kick and got into paleo. I am certainly not fanatic about it but I put a lot more emphasis on quality meat, eggs and vegetables and avoiding processed junk, sugar and grains.

Now my hair is reasonably thick again (of course not as thick as back in the day but at almost 50 what can one expect?), YMMV but I mention it in case it's helpful. Good luck!
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The hair loss any idea if this is just the normal loss of hair as we age?
Or due to a a disease, like alopecia?
Or triggered by some other autoimmune disease? Or medication?
i had Alopecia when I was pregnant and got the steroid needling shots every 6 weeks; they totally worked for me but expensive even with insurance as it was pregnancy related.
I think you need to determine what the cause is to then figure out what to do, to either slow down the loss or perhaps rebuild hair growth.
Imo biotin does help as does Minoxidil for aging hair loss. Cel shampoos is heavily biotin and arginine, I’m not sure how much magic it can do just on its own.

My suggestion is Make a dermatologist appointment and make sure you take a list of every medication taking including any OTC meds. The dermatologist will have suggestions as to what products are best based on what exactly is happening with your scalp.

Minoxil for aging hair loss does work but needs like 4 mos to get the baby hairs going, the Target brand 2% is $ 20 for 3 bottles, which is half price of Rograine. Costco sells a Kirkland brand foam minoxil.

If this is more about vanity, well there are pretty awesome wigs. Google Raquel Welch images, she is always, always wearing one of the wigs in her collection. She’s amazing stunning at like almost 80, yeah there's nip & tuck work done but the thick hair wigs help her look younger as well. If this is more about light reflection from your scalp in the thinning areas, so it looks even thinner as it’s illuminated but there’s still hair, there’s a UK product called Color Wow that’s a mica based tinted powder that’s imho amazing and easy to use without looking scary dark or sweats off. Abt $40 at Ulta. Lasts for days. I baylayoge / ombré color my hair and Color Wow easily can give me extra 2-3 weeks between new color laid on and fill in the thinner areas.
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