Including drug plans. Thank you.

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As you probably know you will get Medicare at age 65. if you are especially low income also apply for Medicaid.
Medicare only covers about 80% of healthcare expenses so having supplemental coverage and a drug plan are essential.
As this is open enrollment for medicaid plans go to any meetings in your area or contact insurers who provide coverage in your area. There is usually a monthly fee but some plans offer $0 but you may find the co-pays are more expensive. Drug plans will usually include the donut hole but if your medications needs are currently small this won't be a problem.
If you are going to continue working at 65 your employer will need you to apply for Medicare which becomes your primary insurance with your employers picking up the difference up to the benefits you currently receive.
It is an absolute minefield out there so ask for all the brochures that have plans in your area and spend a lot of time going through and comparing. Some eldercare centers have coucillers who can explain a lot of things, but you really have to understand yourself and your current needs.
The plan i have limits the amount of out of pocket expenses to $5000 per year and after that everythig is free. I was shocked to reach the limit a month ago but a few days in the hospital can run up $1000 and add in major surgery and it all adds up.
I wish there was an easy answer for you but the best advice i can give is: do your homework.
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