We are still young and he has many more years to go. I wish we had a little more left over at the end of the month so I can get caught up. I must not be budgeting right. I wonder if there is someone who can sit down with me and help me with the finances. His head trauma was 5 years ago he has been home about 5 years and the medical bills threw me into a real stressful financial situation. I work full time, pay a care giver to stay with him daily and it just takes all we have + more.

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I doubt that it's your budgeting - you are facing huge challenges. I'm not sure what help will be available in your community, but please check your State Web site for disability services, ask your social services people about local head trauma support, and contact your state's version (through the Web site) of the National Family Caregiver Support Program.

You also should seek out a good CPA to make sure you are getting any tax breaks available.

Good luck. You sound like a wonderful person who is coping with a very difficult problem. My dad suffered a severe head trauma, so this particularly touches my heart.
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Have you looking into Aid and Attendance benefits from the VA? I would see if he is eligible for this little known benefit. details who is eligible or you can call the VA.
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