My mother has had urinary retention issues for some time. Just left hospital with Foley Catheter which probably is a good thing for her UTI wise. However, she also has fecal incontinence - first, she is non verbal and second, it often happens overnight. Anyone have any suggestions of how to protect the Foley from feces? TY!!

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I have the same problem with my wife. I have found that if I use 2 4 x 4 gauze folded together in fourths, apply A & D ointment to the $ x $s, then place between her rectum and urethra. As long as her BMs are solid even if soft, this helps. I change the 4 x 4s with each diaper change. I also got her Dr to order catheter change every 2 weeks.
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Imho, Countrymouse and AlvaDeer have given you expert advice. Thank you, CM and Alva.
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I'm sorry to say that Alva is right. There is no way.

I went to the lengths of cleaning around the site with cotton buds, determined that I was not leaving our client anything less than perfectly clean when we settled her for the night. The client's daughter fetched the buds for me, my 2:1 partner waited patiently and raised no objection to the extra time being taken during our lengthy evening shift, the client herself expressed thanks for our efforts. But from the polite silence while I was at it they clearly all thought I was out of my mind and wasting my time. Reflecting on how long her pad was going to stay clean after this marathon session, I came sadly to the same conclusion.

You do your best and encourage her to drink plenty. If you can, I would also schedule pad changes during the night.
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If you don't already have inhome nursing visits, call the doctor and ask him to order it. He can also order physical and occupational therapy at same time.

Nurse can help you with catheter questions and show you how to manage both issues.
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Thank you for the ideas. I will check.
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As an RN I can assure you there is no way. To be frank, there is no way WITHOUT a foley, and that incontinence of feces exposes the urethra, which is very short in a female, to a constant onslaught of bacteria. Try to get her on supplemental once daily D-Mannose, which is a capsule taken once daily that works much like cranberry in keeping e coli, especially, from adhereing to the bladder wall. Check with her doctor first. A large capsule you can get it from Amazon for about 30.00 for 120.00 capsules. They are large but tasteless so break and empty in a spoonful of food if you like.
Look up cleansing around catheter online. That will help, but the awful truth is that feces will get on the area of the urethra and will move up into the bladder. You can only do your best, always wiping down and away from the urethra toward the buttocks. You should have been given material about foley care when you left the hospital. If not, research it or return to doctor office for it.
Good luck. This will be almost impossible to prevent problems with; you can only do your best.
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Yes I see. Prevention is better than just clean ups.

Is sleeping on her side possible? Liquids are obviously harder to contain than solids, so diet & laxatives important.

Sometimes a vowel regime can be implemented (not an expert here) to ensure BM is in the daytime? Eg supps after lunch.
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