Is there home care available for elderly who require 24 hour care?

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After 8 yrs of my sister taking care of out mom, they decided(my 2 sisters in another state) it was time for assissted living. Understandable,, even with my brother living with them,,pills every 2 hours. in continent at night, changing diapers in the middle of the night. Now in a wheelchair, but during the day can sometimes manage to get on the tiolet by herself. Isnt there some type of 24 hour care, mainly all night care, wherethey can stay at home with family??????

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Does your mom have Medical?
Partial, she may have to many assets
Yeah my mom had that problem but I've never heard of partial. If she has partial have you checked with them to see if they will pay for an all night care giver?
I guess I just want to know where/if I can find all night care for her in my home. It seemed impossible in Charlotte to keep anyone.Shes in Brighton Gardens there and so unhappy, I want to get her out.
Why don't you tell a little of your story for everyone on the site to see. You'll find the help you need here for sure though. Have you looked at some of the other threads.

How long has she been there and where are you in regards to her location, and your siblings how did they get her to a NH if they are out of state and you were there with her?
Thats just it, my older sisters,who are always in charge,pay Brighton Gardens 5,000 a month, my moms money for assisted living.We all adore mom, but she and I had someting special.I want to change my garage and add her bathroom that she needs. But Im the 52 yr old baby that doesnt know anything. Even though I took care of my son with a brain tumor and my husband dying of lung cancer. Can you tell Im getting angry? :)
Ive never written on one of these, so not sure how it works. She been living in NC and Im in NE ga.3 hours away.Shes been there 5 mo.My oldest sister controls everyone and everything. Shes very wealthy, Im a widow with not much, but all my love, her grandson and great grandchildren she would love to see more,just being ignored. Trying to find out my way to do this on my own.
Wow, we pay 3200.00 here in Oregon for for my mother-in-law, and I thought that was a little high. I guess it's all 'relative'. I'd also suggest checking into an adult foster care situation. We had my father-in-law there for a few months before he died. They were wonderful people (Romanian) and it was cheaper. I will admit though, the asst. living place that she is in goes by points. M-I-L may not be using as many points as your mom. That would account for the price difference I guess.
What kind of financial help can I receive for staying at home with myelderly aunt who is onmedicare?
There are agencies, you can google them. It is expensive, you need to pay by the hour, even for the hours mom is sleeping, because they are on duty. Typically about $17 per hour x 24 hour day x 30 days in month, that's $12k per month. You can scale back the hours, but that means someone else needs to be attentive at that time. If mom needs attention round the clock, AL may be the best choice, sounds like your sisters believe it is, since they were doing the day to day, I would support their decision.

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