How do I handle being accused of elder abuse by my mother?

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i have been accused by my mother of abuse. she has even said i was trying to overdose her. what should i do to protect my name. do i get an attorney?

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get an attny!!!
carolsmom, we need much more information. People with dementia sometimes have delusions that other people are trying to kill them. People with certain psychoses can have the same type delusions. If it is one of these two things, let your mother's doctor know about the accusations. There may be something that he can do to help.

Did your mother report you to a government agency or was she just talking to friends or family? The only thing you can do there is tell the truth. Since your mother is still alive and probably stable, you apparently are not overdosing her.

What we can go through at times... You have my sympathies and my understanding if you decide to let someone else handle the caregiving.
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