My mother came to my home on October 27, 2011. I am still fighting the battle to get her in-home oxygen coverage under Medicare. They did a 24 hour study before her discharge and her SATs were above 88, so no Medicare coverage. However, since I got her home, at night her SATS drop. I spoke with a Nurse who said this is most likely due to her sleep apnea. My mother says she can't breathe at night. Her SATs drop to 82-86 range at night. I am stressed about this and afraid. Everywhere I turn I am being told my mother needs a 24 hour pulse ox study. The in home Physicians group who come once a month have been a nightmare. They don't return calls and one simply told me there is nothing that can be done until Monday morning. I am taking my mom to see her Pulmonologist tomorrow. Hopefully he can write me a doctor's order for the oxygen at night. My mother was ventilator dependent for two years until July of this year. I can't believe the healthcare system. Medicare says just because for 24 hours before discharge her SATs were ok she was not brought to my home with oxygen in place. What is wrong with our country?

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