What do I look for when buying fingertip pulse oximeters?


Clip on vs. slide in: Is one better than the other or not...just personal choice?
What features should I look for?
Does FDA approval matter?
Is price necessarily a measure of Quality?
Would appreciate a short list of quality units.

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Google your request and a number of companies will appear and you can order online.
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The device I have used for some time that works well is the Heal Force Prince-100C and it would be a good alternative to a Nonin.
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I have worked as a Respiratory Therapist for some time now and a good portable pulse oximeter is very important. I would highly recommend any nonin oximeter since they are durable and more accurate. I have another oximeter at home that I've had for over a year and with constant use it is still in great shape, it even has a feature that indicates the strength of the signal. I will check it and post the model once I am back home later tonight.

Just a few tips on getting an accurate reading with your oximeter:

-Make sure that the finger you use the oximeter on does not have nailpolish.
-Make sure the digit you are using is warm. Cold fingers can result in an inaccurate reading.
-With many small home oximeters, the reading is no longer dependable when the subjects blood oxygen is below 85%
-Most individuals should have an oximeter rating of greater than 90%
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