I need a doctor to come to the home to assess the state of my mother's mental and physical health. Then I need the doctor to certify on his or her letterhead what her conditions are. I'm having a very hard time finding someone who will do this. Mom is on a Medicare Advantage Programs but they will not pay for this service so it will have to be private pay. I would appreciate any suggestions.

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We had real trouble finding a visiting GP when MIL was in a nursing home! You may have to find a way to take her to see a doctor, even if it is a serious pain in the but.
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If you live in a town that has a large hospital system, google them or go to their website to see if they have a home visit physician department. Both our large hospital systems in Cleveland, Ohio, including the Cleveland Clinic, have home visit departments. You can also ask her regular physician.

We are currently using Visiting Physicians and I would not recommend them. Recently, without notice or reason, his nurse practitioner reduced one of his heart meds by half. They also seem understaffed and she is only in our area once a month. When and if hubby needs immediaye care, I’m not sure they’d been any help.
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have you contacted your local Area Agency on Aging to find out if this service is available?
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