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You say Mom has Dementia. What type of tests is the doctor asking for? Why do you feel they are unnecessary? Maybe a talk with the doctor. Maybe its time for Mom to be in an AL.

I fully sympathize with you about the having to take Mom to all of these tests. Who makes the appts? Has Moms Dementia progressed to the point that she may forget about the appts. Is it that she is not excepting her diagnoses this is the way the doctor feels he can show her its the Dementia, not something else? Does she see a neurologist?

See, for Mom and my nephew, I made their appts. They were made for my convenience since I was driving. I cut down on a lot of Moms dr visits. One doctor had her coming back every 2 months. Since he had no good reason why, (other than Medicare allowed it so he took advantage of that)
I took her if she was sick and to have scripts refilled. Other doctors, once she was stable every year with blood work done in between.

Its really up to you to stop this.
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You don’t have to take your mom to these “unnecessary tests”.
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It would be unethical for a doctor to agree to an investigation which in the doctor's opinion is both unnecessary and potentially harmful to the patient.

But that still leaves quite a lot of leeway. What sort of tests is your mother asking for? What makes you sure that the doctor is only agreeing to them for the sake of a quiet life? How do you know that the tests are not necessary?

I'm sorry to ask a bunch of questions back at you, but the answers might help you get more suggestions about how to avoid the problem.
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