How do you get antibiotics into an elderly person who has a UTI but isn't eating and therefore throwing up the pills that were given?


I'm sitting in the ER with my grandmother who apparently hasn't been herself for over a month. We just flew her back from Florida and brought her to the ER and they did a bunch of tests and then diagnosed her with a UTI. They gave her a prescription for antibiotics but she isn't eating or whatever she is eating she is throwing up so she isn't keeping the pills down. She's slept all day and the brief time she is awake, she is talking crazy stuff and not making any sense. And today she coughed up blood. So we brought her back to the ER. I really think she needs to be admitted and get the antibiotics through an IV. I'm hoping if she gets rid of the UTI then hopefully she will get back to her normal self again.

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See if the doctor can give your Grandmother an antibiotics using a shot. Usually a shot would last 3 or 4 weeks. It's worth asking.
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They can give antibiotics by IV. Get her admitted. A UTI is nothing to fool with.
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having an UTI for a month is a long time
definitely insist she be admitted
Throwing up and coughing up blood should not be taken lightly by the ER
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Minimally, she needs if antibiotics and probably rehydration.

Are the ER docs aware she's coughing up blood? Don't let them fob you off with " she should follow up with her primary next week" Get her admitted for testing!
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