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My dad recently passed away. Mom still living. they have a poa, healthcare poa and a will. the same person is over everything, including executor. she has also been negligent in their care and financial decisions and not has not yet probated my dads estate. how do i know if its the right attorney for the job?

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thank you. my dads niece is their poa, executor and healthcare poa. dad recently passed away. she has made some horrible mistakes and decisions for both health and financial. they both would stop talking when she walks into the room. mom has bedsores from the lack of care. i kept telling her mom was sick for 3 or 4 days and she blamed it on new meds, but i knew better. mom ended up in hospital w pneumonia..she's not paying mortgage, letting house go into foreclosure, hasnt probated my dads estate but spending moms money to pay his bills. just a mess
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Queensizediva, I am now going through probate with my Dad's Will, and am using an Elder Law Attorney to help me through the maze. Good grief, the forms are complex and my mind if frazzled from the past 7 years helping my very elderly parents.

Scroll down to the bottom of this screen to the large blue box, on your left side you will see ELDER LAW ATTORNEYS.... click on that.... you can search for an Elder Law Attorney in your area. I found the one I am using from that search site and she is outstanding, easy to understand.

As for your Mom's POA, who is the person assigned to the POA? If you feel your Mom isn't getting the best advice or care, and if Mom is of clear mind, your Mom can change the POA and Executor to someone else. Sometimes elders will go back to the original attorney who drew up the Will decades ago, before Elder Law became a specialty practice.
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